Bildungsinstitut PSCHERER gGmbH

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Bildungsinstitut PSCHERER gGmbH
Branch office Marktredwitz



Rainer Grämer (branch manager)


Since 1990 Bildungsinstitut PSCHERER gGmbH successfully is dedicated to education, consulting and development covering 10 locations in Saxony and Bavaria.

We are offering customized vocational training and various projects for job seekers and employed persons:

  • occupational orientation
  • vocational education
  • advanced vocational and extra occupational training
  • vocational reintegration

The following vocational fields are covered:

Concerning all projects we are in close cooperation with institutions and authorities of the EU, federal and national ministries, job agencies including their partners as well as customers and companies.

Being a multiple certified competence balance centre Bildungsinstitut PSCHERER gGmbH is developing concepts for effective use of human resources and human resources development for KMU, administrations and the employment market as well.

Moreover, by European law Bildungsinstitut PSCHERER gGmbH head office Lengenfeld is a certified Solateur® school, welding training and test site authorized by TÜV.

Developing new ideas and educational concepts as well as supporting regional development projects for economical and administrational purposes is one more field of activity.

With a pool of experienced employees Bildungsinstitut PSCHERER gGmbH is supporting companies and institutions both in application and implementation of projects supported by EU as well as concerning expansion of transnational cooperation and networking.



Heinrich-Rockstroh-Straße 10
95615 Marktredwitz
Tel.: +49 9231 70257-0
Fax: +49 9231 70257-20