The East-West Competence Centre was established in Marktredwitz in 2000/2001 as an institution for the international economic exchange.

The companies in the East-West Competence Centre offer international services particularly in the fields of real estate management, facility management, project management, trade and medical technology.

((legal advice, tax systems, management consulting, marketing, finances, interpreting services, media PR, real estate management, sale of automotive accessories, facility management as well as project management. 
Diese angebotene “Übersetzung” weicht stark vom deutschen Original ab! ))

This special mixture of management facilities and the common interest in the European Economic Community provide valuable synergies for any company.

The East-West Competence Centre is a partner for all those who are looking for international success.

The opportunity of having personal contacts with real experts at the Centre is an indispensible factor especially in times of virtual market places or even completely virtual companies. In this context transport routes, infrastructure and, last but not least, historical relations play an important role.

It was not by chance that the East-West Competence Centre was established in Marktredwitz. After the borders had been opened, the traditionally close relations to the Czech Republic could finally be re-established. The EUREGIO-EGRENSIS, a cross-border institution in the German-Czech area, whose principal office is in Marktredwitz, has - together with the "Arbeitsgemeinschaft Bayern e.V." - done excellent work since then. This close contact is a guiding principle for the East-West Competence Centre.

The East-West Competence Centre – a meeting point of international relations