High-Tech equipment

Audio/Video equipment

This equipment is available in the conference room, the foyer and the meeting forum.
An equipment cabinet containing all the necessary devices has been installed in the
conference room.

The essential properties of the equipment are:

  • an acoustic support for the lecturers in the conference/seminar room
  • an acoustic and visual transmission of the meetings to the communal areas and
  • the house-owned TV reception net
  • the transmission of external audio/video sources with retransmission from the conference equipment and the interpreting equipment
  • the possibility to pipe in and transmit the audio/video signals from the conference equipment and the interpreting equipment.

Conference system

A modular discussion and conference equipment which meets the multiple requirements of all participants and visitors is available in the conference room. Its installation is simple and its digital signal processing guarantees a user-friendly operation and an undisturbed functional reliability.
The size of the equipment allows for a potential capacity of 24 seats for the participants in the conference room. One “delegate phone unit” is available for every two seats. The equipment supplies the required interfaces for the interpreting equipment, transmission to the public address (PA) systems and wireless PA systems, as well as a control function for the automatic video cameras directed towards the participants.

Interpreting equipment

With regard to providing an interpreting service the discussion equipment contains all necessary components. The equipment has the necessary transmission capacity for one room language and two foreign languages. The interpreter boxes may be freely coordinated with the languages on the respective channels. All the different foreign languages are transmitted to the delegates’ phone units via a standard cabling system and an integrated channel selector. For this purpose the participants get wired headsets. It is also possible to transmit the foreign languages by infra-red equipment. Two mobile cabins with two seats each are available for the interpreters.

Infra-red PA system

In the case of conferences or interpreting all messages are transmitted wirelessly to the visitors in the foyer area by an integrated infra-red technology. The “room language” as well as the foreign languages are transmitted via an infra-red transmitter which has several infra-red emissions. To receive the individual languages all delegates and visitors get infra-red receivers with channel selectors.
The conference and interpreting equipment as well as the infra-red transmitter system are designed for mobile use at any place.

Projection screens

Projections screens, approximately two metres wide and operated electromechanically, are available for the delegates and visitors in the conference room and the foyer.