The idea of an East-West Competence Centre was first dicussed within a realizability study on a model project called "Hochfranken as area for company and existence foundations" in 1997. This study of the "RRV - Gesellschaft für Raumanalysen, Regionalpolitik und Verwaltungspraxis GmbH" (company for locality analysis, regional politics and administration practice) had been ordered by the Bavarian States Ministry for development and environment together with the Kuratorium Hochfranken and the Euregio Egrensis with the goal to develop the region of Hochfranken into an area of advantageous foundation and investment conditions. The political deciders of the Hochfranken region took special interest in the leading project of "erecting a World Trade Centre Hochfranken", which involved the creation of a steering committee for this leading project in May 1998. This steering committee chose the working title "East-West Competence Centre" to define this project and determined Marktredwitz definitely as location.

After the removal of the "Iron Curtain" the relationship of the former Eastern Block countries to their Western neighbours changed considerably. According to the respecitive political or historical situation either completely new developments came up or former relations were restored and reanimated. In case of the wide Egerland region the traditionally good relations across the frontiers were fortunately particularly rich and plentiful. Some changes had, of course, been made but there was a solid base available which last but not least turned the scale for the foundation and the success of the Euregio Egrensis.

Thus, it is only natural that this very region serves as germ-cell for the reanimation of an intensive East-West exchange on economic, political and cultural level. For this reason Marktredwitz, the former free-zone of Eger, was found to be the best suited location for the competence centre.

State Minister Dr. Wiesheu underlined in a press info dated 07.04.1999 that the East-West Competence Centre will reinforce the economic attractivity of the whole Bavarian-Czech frontier zone and that the preconditions for the economic cooperation between Western and Eastern European companies will decisively improve. The competence centre of Marktredwitz faced this challenge with the target to settle down companies there that will contribute to an enduring recovery of the economic East-West relations by their special purpose of business and due to their business policy. The allied competences to be brought in for this purpose by the different companies under one roof are an ideal basis for the exploitation of synergy effects. Thanks to the good conception of the East-West Competence Centre all generally required services are centrally supplied at low cost. The East-West Competence Centre is the ideal basis for already existing East-West oriented companies and for enterprises who are looking for such contacts. The target is to develop the East-West Competence Centre into an important and competent partner for all questions concerning the economic relationship between Western and Eastern European countries.