Marktredwitz, a large district town, is situated in a very charming landscape between the natiponal parks "Fichtelgebirge" and "Steinwald", about 13 kilometres away from the Czech Republic. The town is a business and industrial location and covers an area of 50 square kilometres with about 17,000 inhabitants.


From the European point of view, the town of Marktredwitz is located exactly in the centre of Europe being situated between Berlin, the Federal capital of Germany, in the north and Munich, the Bavarian capital, in the south; Marktredwitz is also midway between the financial metropolis Frankfurt in the west and the cultural metropolis Prague in the east.

The favourable traffic infrastructure of Marktredwitz is one of the town’s great advantages. The town of Marktredwitz is connected to the motorway (A 93) from north to south by three approach and exit roads. In the east-west direction the federal motorway A9 is easily accessible via the federal road B 303/E 48.
According to the federal traffic engineering plan a four-way extension of the motorway is scheduled for the road between Marktredwitz and the check point towards the Czech Republic in Schirnding.

The airports of Hof/Plauen (50 km), Nuremberg (125 km), Leipzig-Halle (200 km) and Munich (245 km) are easily accessible with driving times from 30 minutes to two hours and are considered to be a further locational advantage.

This favourable position at the former boundary line of the European Community makes Marktredwitz the ideal starting point for the new and growing markets in Eastern Europe.
Economic structure
Renowned “top companies” from all business sectors are located in Marktredwitz.
They profit from the special locational advantage of the town.

The producing industry is the “supporting pillar” of the economy in Marktredwitz.
The service sector is the second largest economic branch of the town.

Regular surveys amongst local companies prove that the companies are highly satisfied with their location in Marktredwitz.

In addition to that, the town of Marktredwitz is known for its short and straightforward
decisions. “The Agency for the Promotion and Development of Business and Traffic in Marktredwitz” is ready to inform you on any promotion programmes available.

Range of products:

  • technical springs
  • technical ceramics
  • microelectronics (semiconductor technology and switch housing/cases)
  • electro technology
  • drive technology/drive systems
  • fireproof ceramics
  • machine construction and tool making industries, e.g. wire and stone processing
  • computer systems
  • special construction materials
  • steel construction
  • abrasives and grinding discs
  • liqueur manufacturer
  • medical technical products

Quality of life

Marktredwitz can truly be called “a business and industrial location in the country.” Embedded in an environment of a charming landscape and surrounded by the mountain ranges of the Fichtelgebirge and the Steinwald, a natural environment is one of the town’s unique features.
Workplaces and leisure facilities are all in the immediate vicinity of the town and can be easily reached.

Situated between the important regional centres of Bayreuth, Hof and Weiden, which are all about 50 km away, Marktredwitz has the highest central purchasing power in the region and thus fully meets the requirements of an attractive and customer-oriented shopping town.

Nature lovers in particular esteem the high value of recreational areas like “The National Park Fichtelgebirge” and “The National Park Steinwald”, as well as the Frankenwald area which is not far away either. What they all have in common is a wide range of attractive offers.